On June 21, 2014, Donald Ray Hayes was driving at the intersection of Taylorsville Road and the Watterson Expressway in Louisville, Kentucky, when he encountered fellow motorist, 57-year-old Danny Wilson. . Running them off the road. Theyre more likely to insult other drivers or express disbelief about the way others drive. ------ Shows: Car Talk Man convicted in 2019 road rage shooting that left 2 toddlers severely burned after fireworks inside truck ignite, prosecutors say A man who shot into a vehicle in an incident of road rage,. The two of them then left the residence to find the driver who had threatened Meyers and her daughter. One of bikers cut in front of Lien and slowed down, causing Liens Range Rover to hit the motorcycle. These strategies have proven to help reduce anger and aggression, both behind the wheel and in general. American Psychological Association. Idk what happened but I'm rooting against the PT Cruiser for the simple fact that the owner drives a PT Cruiser. 1 Dan Clark and Darrell Camp Darrell Camp is leaving TALK 1300 and 98.7 FM. Two weeks later, he returned to the scene of the shooting. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal car accidents caused by aggressive driving increased almost 500% between 2006 and 2015. Why is the library named William K. Sanford (a former supervisor)? Due to the vicious nature of the attack and Kobuss lengthy criminal record, which includes 21 arrests, he was held without bail pending trial. A: I would enjoy having lunch with my late husband, who died nearly 29 years ago. Preventative measures you can take include: If you've upset another driver, it's important to defuse the situation as soon as possible. Is Such an Important Question, The Blindness of Blame: How Anger Stops Awareness and Growth, What the Texas School Shooting Suspect's Pins Tell Us, The 3 Kinds of Fathers Who Kill Their Own Children. In studies of anger and aggressive driving, counseling psychologist Jerry Deffenbacher, PhD, of Colorado State University, found that people who identified themselves as high-anger drivers differ from low-anger drivers in five key ways. Psychiatry, 7(7), 1418. The Pontiac was blocking the crosswalk, where an elderly man in a wheelchair was trying to cross. 672 New Loudon Road Latham, NY 12110 Phone: 518-783-0196 721 River Street Troy, NY 12180 Phone: 518-274-8277 The driver and passenger began to attack Lucier, kicking him as he lay on the ground, curled up in a ball in an attempt to protect himself. English Website 28 Listen live 2 Contacts Talk 1300 AM - WGDJ reviews 4 John Bruck 20.10.2022 @timesunion W H I T E W A S H just an innocent basketball player ha ha," McCashion's tweet read. Andrews was charged with murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy. Cathys husband, Candelerio, who was driving, told the dispatcher that he was going to follow the other driver home. Wisdom is the keyword, says Paul Vandenburgh, Camps boss and TALK 1300 station owner when talking about Camp. Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve lives, https://www.aaafoundation.org/sites/default/files/RoadRageBrochure.pdf (PDF, 459KB), Solving Modern Problems With a Stone-Age Brain. It's Your Money (NPR), The Jim Bohannon Show, Best Of Dennis Prager, America in the Morning, Best of Michael Medved, Women in Music, America This Week, Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show, The Group Room, The Lou Dobbs Show, Best of Hugh Hewitt, The Week In Review, SportsTalk, Albany Mayor Jennings Radio Show, All Star Construction Show, Chamber Chat, Dave's ON Now, Divorce, Debt, Collection Help, Home Made Money, It's Your Money, Jeff Blair & Swap Shop, Live from the State Capital, Paul Vandenburgh, Serioon the Radio, Swap Shop, The Dan Lynch Show, The Girvin and Ferlazzo Law Show, The Good Life, The Investment Show, The Pet Vet A child and two adults were wounded in a home-invasion-turned-shooting in Land O'Lakes on Friday. Certain psychological factors, including displaced anger and high life stress, are also linked to road rage. The dispatcher advised Gonzalez not to do that. After seeing the same vehicle drive by several times, he became paranoid, convinced it was the drug dealers who were after him. Al-Sheikhs brother, who was in the car when the shooting happened, demanded that justice be served. Tara Galovski, PhD, designed treatment sessions that included deep relaxation, stress-management coping skills, cognitive restructuring, and learning different ways to think about roadway events and stressors. Pulling over, getting out, and engaging in a physical confrontation. Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals. ; Blanchard, E.B. Are aggressive people aggressive drivers? Thank you, {{form.email}}, for signing up. He explains that drivers with shorter fuses are more impulsive and anxious as well. He pointed his gun at the family and ordered them out of the car. Login with Google. In total, 11 bikers either pleaded guilty or were convicted of the assault, including undercover police detective Wojciech Braszczok. They also note, however, that in the same way that anger is often linked with aggression, it is also sometimes linked with aggressive driving. The driver of the pickup (who was now in front of them) hit his as well, angering Mann, who then hit his brakes even harder in response. But once on the road, the situation takes a white-knuckle twist as Jim . I feel theyre providing thought provoking insights to the listening public. Though Braszczok did not participate in the physical attack, he took part in the chase and busted the back window of Liens vehicle. Road rage: A domain for psychological intervention? Redeem Now ROAD RAGE Next Pro All Popular tracks Tracks Albums Playlists Reposts Station ROAD RAGE Spotlight Play ROAD RAGE This means that you will need to: For all of the time and money that you'll end up losing, road rage is simply not worth it. Relatives say the victim, 41-year-old . Bell, armed with a gun, exited his vehicle. She is also a charter member of the state Archeological Association, a former Hudson Valley Girl Scout Council group leader and trainer and has been active at the Our Lady of Mercy, now Christ our Light, church since 1965. Hes a talented guy and we will miss him.. 518.439.4949, Bethlehem Area Weekly Police Blotter February 15th 22nd, Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Log February 1217, SPOTTED: Bethlehem Ice Hockey skates past Lasallein sectional playoffs, SPOTTED: Albany vs Colonie boys basketball postponed due to medical emergency rescheduled for tonight, SPOTTED: Bethlehem swims past Albany in final dual meet, SPOTTED: Raiders win battle of Colonie over Shaker 55-33, SPOTTED: Bethlehem, Shaker and Saratoga gymnasts tumble for hunger. Galovski, T. E. & Blanchard, E. B. Aggression on roadways. Then, the scene descended into chaos. Congestion and slowdowns seem to increase anger, but only for some drivers. But as we might imagine, this anger is not limited to behind the wheel. Before taking matters into your own hands, you should: By remaining calm and not taking other drivers' actions personally, you can avoid legal repercussions and accidents. Nowsch unloaded his weapon at Meyers, hitting her in the head. According to SANA, the state news agency, Suleiman was arrested on August 10 and transferred to the relevant parties. And theyre more likely to be angry not just behind the wheel, but throughout the day. 13. Frequency: 1300 AM. The men ran back to car and fled the scene. In an analysis of 10,037 police reports and newspaper stories about traffic accidents that led to violence, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found road rage contributed to 218 deaths and 12,610 injuries between 1990 and 1996. The radio veteran goes on to praise Camps sense of humor and manners and says hes a terrific learner. Weve all experienced road rage at one time or another. see more Vandenburgh did not say how long McCashion, who's been at the station for around a year, would remain off the air, but said he'd be meeting with him on Monday to discuss the situation. But not always. (1991). Online. Elizabeth Scott, PhD is an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. He explains that high anger drivers become angry more quickly and behave more aggressively, resorting to honking, yelling, or swearing at others. ----- Kevin McCashion, who hosts Road Rage Radio on TALK 1300 AM and 98.7FM, posted a May 28 tweet on his personal account criticizing the Times Union's coverage of the Memorial Day shooting that killed Hunter, a formerAlbany High School girl's basketball team standout, according to station General Manager Paul Vandenburgh. Lucier got out of his friends minivan. Lien was taken to hospital, where he received stitches to his face and was treated for injuries on his hands and torso. But if you yourself experience road rage, here are some techniques you can use to stay calm in the car: Fortunately, there are some things you can do to manage your anger and reduce the risk of experiencing road rage. Garcias seven-year-old son, Isaac, said that his sister was bleeding. Research suggests that young males are the most likely to perpetrate road rage. He says he will address additional question on his show this afternoon. At a follow-up three months later, the participants had maintained those improvements. Pull over to a safe location, out of the way of traffic. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 41(6), 701718. Breathing exercises can help you cleanse your body of stagnant air and stale energy, getting your blood more oxygenated and, of course, releasing tension. Best of Hugh Hewitt And yet, a faith community that is both truthful and loving is an immeasurable gift in our lives. But traffic conditions can exacerbate the situation. Join 1,972,984 Americans who searched for Car Insurance Rates: For some people, driving incites a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mentality. See more of TALK 1300 and 98.7 on . The bikers fled the scene. While listening, do you find yourself laughing, cringing, or nodding and why? Characteristics of two groups of angry drivers. His car rolled across the street and into another parking lot, where it hit several cars before it stopped. Deffenbacher, J.L., Filetti, L.B., Richards, T.L., Lynch, R.S., & Oetting, E.R. Gun deaths and injuries in road rage incidents increased 98% between 2017 to 2021. Privacy Policy. TALK 1300 is # 1 for the most live-local talk radio - serving New York's Capital Region. You can contact us at 518.439.4949. In 2012, an ex-boyfriend was granted a temporary restraining order after Jackson attempted to run him over in a parking lot. Wilson later died at the hospital. Instead, if you provide any young person with a job at the town and set a goodexample when they can vote, they may join a party. All Rights Reserved. He was fired from the NYPD and sentenced to two years in jail. They also note what some people might expect instinctively given the emotional aspect of road rage, that research has linked road rage and alcohol and drug abuse. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates. McCashion declined to comment when reached Saturday. He was released on $50,000 bond. Basically, if you accept that a certain amount of people are going to make fools of themselves on the road, and decide to make a game out of counting them, you can cut down on the stress you feel in response to their rude maneuvers. David Susman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with experience providing treatment to individuals with mental illness and substance use concerns. In thepast, candidates went door to door and spoke to all residents. You can reach her at kbarlette@timesunion.com. Now they tend to focusonly on party members. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Kobus stated that he acted in self-defense, saying that he was following behind his brother when Young got in front of him and purposely slowed down. "It has come to my attention that one of my employees has made a personal posting on Twitter that has angered many people, and it should have," the statement read. 6 of 83. These episodes of acute stress may become chronic stress, which leads to many negative health outcomes. Both vehicles stopped at an intersection near Tim Hortons. After the release of the video, police were contacted by the driver of the black SUV, who identified the suspect as his brother, 25-year-old Ryan M. Kobus. Unfortunately, that even seems to extend to our youth. But over the years we have become increasingly wary of drivers who break even basic traffic laws including speeding and failing to signal. 6. Get into the mentality that you are sharing the road, and. "I know it's a difficult time for all involved and that emotions are running high but everyone has to calm down and stay in place," Vandenburgh said in the Facebook statement. He says that although he has shot video for the past four years, it was at a novice, amateur level. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said it learned of the shooting at about 10:50 a.m. Thursday when the driver of the targeted blue Honda sedan stopped in the 1300 block of Hollister and flagged . He left Young bloodied and lying on the side of the road. @Kevin_McCashion. There are a number of ways you can avoid being dragged into a road rage situation, including: Do your best to ensure you're in a good frame of mind when driving. Understanding what fuels this dangerous behavior may help psychologists curb it. They held protests at al-Zarraa square, calling for Suleimans execution. Acting on a tip, police were able to locate the suspects, 30-year-old Wayne Schreiner and his 21-year-old brother, John. When youre frustrated, you store the tension in your body. Road rage can be caused by environmental factors and psychological factors. Even more paralyzing is our fear of the truth, of telling and hearing the truth. Why don't the live local hosts call out Dr.McKenna for going along with the COVID scam? Hayes followed Wilson as he pulled into a parking lot. The effectiveness of a brief psychological intervention on court-referred and self-referred aggressive drivers. The men were on Crawford Avenue, heading onto Wyandotte Street when a red Pontiac cut them off. Road rage is very dangerous to yourself and those around you. Road Rage was one of very few shows, radio or otherwise, regularly covering issues in the Capital Region, while also serving up a good bit of humor. He started in radio in 2013 at Pamal Broadcasting after graduating from the New School of Radio and Television in 2012. Niskayuna and State Police said she was gunned down around 8:20 p.m. on Memorial Day while attending a cookout outside the Hillcrest Village West apartment complex. The journalist is headed over to work with Dan Clark at WMHT Public Media, helping out with New York Now, among other. One of the bikers used his helmet to break the drivers side window. Road Rage! Seeing the weapon, Wilson started to drive away but Hayes fired a shot at the car. I miss Swap Shop on Sunday with Kelly Stevens. He said their vehicles were then pushed off the road by oncoming traffic. High-anger drivers are more likely to go 10 to 20 mph over the speed limit, rapidly switch lanes, tailgate, and enter an intersection when the light turns red. Their trial is set to begin March 28, 2016. Based on this information, police were able to locate Kobus. Stream ROAD RAGE music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud Limited Time Offer: Get 50% off the first year of our best annual plan for artists with unlimited uploads, releases, and insights. The boy, Aiden Leos, was. Its an attitude Ive heard expressed and one that is limiting. Sometimes, things rapidly spiral out of control, with lasting and dire consequences. In a nearby parking lot, Tammy Meyers was teaching her 15-year-old daughter Crystal how to drive. Aggressive driving is an accumulation of illegal driving maneuvers, often resulting from emotional distress. ), Targets of violence and aggression. Once again, the bikers surrounded the vehicle. Get free quotes from the nation's biggest auto insurance providers. 2,859 Followers. [iii] Bjureberg, J. and Gross, J.J. (2021), Regulating road rage. The Week In Review Data obtained from the Wake County Sheriff's Office shows so far this year, deputies have received 20 calls . Bottom line: a few moments of anger are simply not worth a lifetime of sorrow. Deffenbacher also mentions specific ways in which angry drivers take more risks on the road, including exceeding the speed limit by 10-20 miles per hour, rapidly switching lanes, tailgating, and running red lights. High-anger drivers are more likely to go 10 to 20 mph over the speed limit, rapidly switch lanes, tailgate, and enter an intersection when the light turns red. In New York state in 1999, the University at Albanys Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders treated 20 aggressive drivers referred by the local district attorneys office as well as 10 volunteers who described themselves as aggressive drivers. They were all small organizations when he died in 1992, but all have grown and continued to offer exceptional educational opportunities and programs that enrich our community. Darrell Camp is the news reporter and afternoon drive news anchor for TALK 1300 and 98.7 FM. Frustrated, Garcia threw his hands up in the air and started yelling and swearing at the other driver. Aggression and Violent Behavior: A Review Journal, 9, 105127. Surveillance video shows Hayes waiting for Wilson, who had gone into a bank. When the driver began yelling back, Garcia accelerated in an attempt to put distance between the two vehicles. Camp stresses his departure is, no way, because he was unhappy in his current role, rather hes looking to diversify his skill set as far as the visual element goes. Read our, 11 Anger Management Strategies to Help You Calm Down, How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack, How to Deal With Low Frustration Tolerance, Daily Tips for a Healthy Mind to Your Inbox, Aggressive driving enforcement: evaluations of two demonstration programs. If you succumb to road rage, the other driver could have a deadly weapon, putting you in serious danger. Nowsch, now high, was still in the park. Register here. . Lets all consider the larger goal of protecting each other on the road, and arriving safely at our destination for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. Darrell Camp leaving TALK 1300 and 98.7 FM, Union leaders say New York state workforce could see mass exodus, Vincent Riggi suit seeks $27.1 million from brother's estate, DEC finds 14-foot python in New York suburb, Tour of Utica-area restaurants feels like trip around the world, Glenville Police ID pedestrian struck and killed Wednesday, Samantha Humphrey case being treated as homicide, New Stewart's Shops merchandise drops in online store, Man who shot, skinned dogs told twice they were not coyotes, Churchill: Antonio Brown partnership is a massive risk, Snow piles up in Capital Region; 37,000 customers without power. Both were arrested and charged with two counts of assault. Vandenburgh argued that he's not responsible for what his hosts might say outside of work, and credited the anger to the emotionally charged reaction of people in the wake of Hunter's slaying. Lillys death has gained national attention, and the family has received an outpouring of support. The journalist is headed over to work with Dan Clark, left, at WMHT Public Media, helping out with New York Now, among other projects. City of license: Rensselaer, NY. There might be a good reason someone is traveling too slow for your liking or is hesitant to proceed even on a green light. Assemblyman John McDonald called into Road Rage Radio with Kevin McCashion this afternoon, to talk about the sexual harassment allegations against the Governor, talks of impeachment, and the emergency powers he retains. High anger drivers get angry faster and behave more aggressively. An error happened posting the comment, sorry! Its phenomenal the amount of wisdom he has for a guy not out of his 20s, but when you speak with him about the educational background of his family, it comes to light.. Both men face the possibility of life in prison without parole, as the prosecutor decided not to seek the death penalty. Its also less personal. Andrews arrived at the park, picked up Nowsch, and started to leave. It also came to light that Jackson had a history of aggressive behavior. Meyers decided to return home. He held them at gunpoint until police arrived. Doyle shot Gonzalez once, paused, fired again, paused again, and then fired three more shots. I supposed a lot of campaigning is done online, but there arestill many voters who dont follow politics online and might be more engaged if theycould read a candidates platform on paper or meet them at the door, especially thosenot enrolled in a party. There were no reported injuries. Q: Who is one person, alive or dead, you would like to have lunch with and what would you talkabout? Listen to Talk 1300 AM on your computer, your mobile device, in the car, on Google Home and Amazon Alexa! Lucier yelled back at them to leave the man alone. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publications. Tonight, Wed. Nov. 30, with Jack, Chatham was the BEST show yet. Road rage is a phenomenon investigators said is happening far too often in the area. Self-identified high-anger drivers engage in hostile, aggressive thinking, express disbelief about how others drive,. Suleiman, armed with an AK-47, exited his Hummer and approached the colonels car. Cathy saw the gun and begged Doyle not to shoot. 42K subscribers in the Albany community. Your comment is being published.Thanks for keeping alive the conversation. Road rage: Assessment and treatment of the angry, aggressive driver. Its been interesting to see him lead the discussions on the radio. He gave me almost five years and Im stunned no one grabbed him long ago, says the boss. Not a registered user of Streema yet? Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. If you would like to see someone featured in our five questions feature contact Jim Franco at 518-878-1000 or [emailprotected]. What makes the difference? Don't react to their actions. ------ Shows: Car Talk . According to other researchers, road rage involves both emotion, and the ability to regulate emotion. The APA post quotes counseling psychologist Jerry Deffenbacher, who lists several ways in which self-identified high-anger drivers engage in hostile, aggressive thinking, express disbelief about how others drive, and consider revengesometimes including physical harm. Eddie now targets the woman who complained to the company about his aggressive driving style that day . (2014, February 1). Why do we call this area Roessleville (named for an early settler, Theophilus Roessle, who farmed there andwrote about the celery he raised)? Why is that large house in a development of smaller houses (the original farm)? Elizabeth Scott, PhD is an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. Gail Paschall-Brown. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you are not driving recklessly or aggressively. Road rage can lead to aggressive driving, a behavior that may have legal ramifications and fiscal downsides, especially where car insurance is concerned. Dont get into the car to blow off steam. Instead, make sure you are level-headed enough to get behind the wheel and not under the influence of anger. Talk 1300 AM & 98.7 FM WGDJ 11 Dennis Terrace Schenectady, New York 12303 2022 Talk 1300 & 98.7 All Rights Reserved Paul Vandenburgh Road rage behaviour can range from rude gestures and verbal . Sign up with Google. Road rage is defined as aggressive or violent behavior stemming from a driver's uncontrolled anger at the actions of another motorist. An error happened posting the review, sorry! The shooting was witnessed by Manns wife and son, as well as Bells son. Francia McCashion has lived in Colonie for 56 years. This is a carousel. The dangerous link between negative emotions and actions behind the wheel may be exacerbated by conditions on the road. ; Freidenberg, B.M. Organizing your schedule so you can leave earlier, and planning for traffic, can leave you feeling more relaxed because it really wont matter as much if the trip takes a few extra minutes. Her son Brandon returned fire, but no one was hit. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. Darrell Camp is leaving TALK 1300 and 98.7 FM. At least he told it like it is. From the passenger seat, Nowsch fired several shots at Meyers. https://doi-org.libproxy.sdsu.edu/10.1111/spc3.12586. Noye stabbed Stephen Cameron twice and the 21-year-old died from his injuries. Login here. And emotions matter too. Road rage is a catch-all term used to describe various types of aggressive and angry behaviour from drivers on the road. Churches and fire districts traditionally have held events andfundraisers that were open to the whole community and incorporated ethnic traditionsthat have added to the cultural history of Colonie. "Man, I don't know what happened, this dude in a PT Crusier kept cutting me off, then at a stop light he got out . In the cognitive-relaxation therapy condition, drivers learned relaxation techniques as well as cognitive change strategies. 6544 posts. Hunter's burial will be Monday. On the evening of February 12, 2015, Nowsch was smoking marijuana in a park. The video also showed a black SUV that police believed was also involved in the incident. 3 Darrell Camp is leaving TALK 1300 and 98.7 FM. Chamber Chat In addition to avoiding negative emotion, highway homeostasis is enhanced through positive emotion. As of this writing, over $80,000 has been raised. We Build Safer Drivers, his part in the legendary Great Train Robbery. Psychology Today 2023 Sussex Publishers, LLC. If a law enforcement officer catches you engaging in road rage, you can be charged with a criminal offense. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's 2019 data, nearly 80 percent of drivers expressed significant anger, aggression or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the previous 30 days. Radio host off air after Niskayuna shooting victim tweet, Union leaders say New York state workforce could see mass exodus, Vincent Riggi suit seeks $27.1 million from brother's estate, DEC finds 14-foot python in New York suburb, Tour of Utica-area restaurants feels like trip around the world, Glenville Police ID pedestrian struck and killed Wednesday, Samantha Humphrey case being treated as homicide, New Stewart's Shops merchandise drops in online store, Man who shot, skinned dogs told twice they were not coyotes, Churchill: Antonio Brown partnership is a massive risk, Snow piles up in Capital Region; 37,000 customers without power.
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