A surprising admission leads to a new break in the case. [6], Rasmussen lived in a number of states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii and California. [8][10] He was arrested that November and pleaded no contest in 2003[12] to charges relating to her murder and dismemberment. The victims were officially named in June 2019. [36] The senior Rasmussen, known as the Chameleon killer, is believed to have used "at least five different aliases in a decades-long run of crimes across the country, including at least five homicides, and likely more. Show 8 More Episodes. When alternate versions are told by lawyers and podcasters as part of a mounting effort to free Jason Carroll from prison and clear his name. And we watched the barrel fall on its side, Morgan said. Do groundbreaking techniques come at the cost of genetic privacy? [9] By 2020, New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin said there was no "evidentiary connection" between Daneault and Rasmussen but that the interest in his case brought renewed attention to Daneault's disappearance. [29], In June 2017, police released a video of a police interview of Evans in hopes of finding his true identity. The only evidence against him? There's always that hope, but nothing's definite.. There is one girl who we don't know who she is. From left: Marlyse Honeychurch, Marie Elizabeth Vaughn, a still unidentified victim, and Sarah McWaters. Police believe her answer indicates they may have been killed by Rasmussen, too. Starring Terry P Rasmussen Genres Unscripted Subtitles None available My father's real full name is Terry Peder Rasmussen, and he was born Dec. 23 of 1943, Diane Kloepfer told 20/20.. Rebekah Becky Heath, the researcher and libararian who obsessively worked to discover Rasmussens victims identities. Thanks for your support. Evans later abandoned a young girl, "Lisa", at a campground, and she was found to not be his daughter. Sarah, her half-sister Marie and their mother, Honeychurch, were unknown persons until authorities announced their identities at a press conference on June 6, 2019. But as it turned out, that person had been several different people throughout his life. Rae-Venter said that in viewing the timeline for Rasmussen, it appears most likely that his daughter was born in Texas, possibly on the Gulf Coast if Rasmussen was working on an oil rig at the time. Before that, hed been jailed in 1988 for driving a stolen vehicle under the name Gerry Mockerman, and even earlier in 1985 for drunk driving and child endangerment. The bodies were certainly killed around the same time as the first two, but with no way to identify them, and lacking any other insight, the investigation once again reached a dead end. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.. Rasmussen is the suspected perpetrator of the Bear Brook murders. It is later learned that three of the four victims are . We believe we have our killer, said New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin at the time. Well it is Wednesday! He abandoned her in 1986 and was subsequently imprisoned on child abandonment charges. [6] The two were married in an unofficial ceremony in 2001. These versions incorporated their dental information, showing how their teeth could have affected the appearance of their faces. She had symptoms of pneumonia, a crooked front tooth and a diastema (space between her top teeth), two earrings in each ear, and was between 4ft 3in (1.30m) and 4ft 6in (1.37m) tall. He then took on the alias Gordon Jenson and abandoned the child at an RV park in Scotts Valley, California, in 1986. The identities of Honeychurch and her two children were not known until they were confirmed by DNA profiling in 2019. His face was gray. Now, the only question that remains is, who was the middle child, Terry Rasmussens daughter and fourth victim? Timelines come together. Their slain bodies were found on November 10th, 1985, in Bear Brook State Park. [17] At that time, a tipster speculated that she could have been the "Elizabeth Evans" that had been listed as Rasmussen's wife during his time in Manchester. The identification of three decomposing corpses discovered in barrels in a New Hampshire state park have led police to believe they've solved a decades-old crime. In her free time, Heath began scouring the internet for any clues she could find. The scavengers actually walked out in the middle [of the canal], because it was just mud cut the rope and opened it up here and that's when they saw what they thought was a human being inside, Huber told 20/20.. To make a donation in support of Bear Brook, click here. ALLENSTOWN "Love conquers all things. It's just kind of sitting out in the woods., The brother that found the barrel went over to it and tried to lift the top of the barrel and when he did that, we were hit with a smell that was absolutely putrid. [2] He often worked as an electrician for oil and gas companies. 1954) was the mother of Marie Elizabeth Vaughn (b. Heath continued researching, messaging some of the family members who had been around at the time when another name came up: Terry Rasmussen. October 24, 2018 An ominous New Year's party introduction. It well could be Terry. February 20, 2023 Sharon Johnson's family and friends have spent the last 35 years coping with her brutal murder. Similar posts also aided in the identifications of the victims. She left the group home after receiving a furlough, so she was not reported missing until police were seeking more information on Rasmussen in 2017. And he brings a fresh examination of the evidence to a state that has never exonerated anyone for murder. The Bear Brook murders (aka the Allenstown Four) are four female American murder victims, discovered in 1985 and 2000, at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. [39] By October 1978, Sarah's father was seeing another woman and Sarah was presumably in the care of her mother. Hes your atypical serial killer, Strelzin said. May their souls find peace in Gods loving care.. [12] On January 26, 2017, authorities publicly announced that Evans was a suspect in the disappearance of Denise Beaudin and the Bear Brook murders. The guys jumped on my four-wheeler and we booted out of there and that was the last time that we saw the barrel.. I don't think they're ever going to find her, Beaudins father, Armand Beaudin, said. Never contacted nobody. By 2017, Bob Evans was dead, and investigators believed he had killed Denise Beaudin after they left New Hampshire. Honeychurch had an argument with her mother and left the residence, never contacting her relatives again. In 1995, scavengers found a refrigerator containing what former San Joaquin County Assistant Sheriff John Huber believes may be another one of Rasmussens victims. Curiously, against the advice of his attorneys, Vanner pleaded guilty to the murder during his trial. October 31, 2018 This is part two of episode 5. Wikimedia CommonsFrom left: Marlyse Honeychurch, Marie Elizabeth Vaughn, a still unidentified victim, and Sarah McWaters. Public DomainTerry Peder Rasmussens 2002 mugshot after his arrest for the murder of his girlfriend Eunsoon Jun. The last time Honeychurch was seen by her family wasonThanksgiving 1978, according to a timeline released by the attorney general's office. In 2000, 15 years after the first barrel was discovered, Sarahs body was found inside a separate barrel at Bear Brook State Park along with the body of an unknown child. When somebody's story keeps changing, it means that they [have] either made something up, can't remember what they told you the first time or that they're lying to you, she added. Three of the victims would be identified, however, two years later, thanks to the obsessive amateur sleuthing of Rebekah Heath and Barbara Rae-Venter. New Hampshire authorities have referred to her as the middle child because of how her suspected age compares to the other two children found in the barrels, but DNA tests confirmed she is not related to Sarah and Marie, nor their mother. MANCHESTER, N.H. The search for the name of the remaining unidentified murder victim found in a barrel in Allenstown is leading authorities to Mississippi. Deza was identified by Othram on February 23, 2023. With the confirmation, police believe theycan officially implicate serial killerTerry Peder Rasmussen, who had passed away while in prison in 2010, in their deaths. Where is she? Hodges remembered. DNA is wrestled from rootless hair. Jun disappeared from Richmond, California, in June 2002, approximately two years after Vanner met her family and friends. Their slain bodies were found on November 10th, 1985, in Bear Brook State Park. [7], By 1978, Rasmussen was dating Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch. I would go to work and Id come home and I would just research and research and research.. He smoked constantly, Juns friend, Renee Rose, told 20/20. Larry would just grab and gobble up everything on the table and belch and eat more, and then he'd go sit on the couch.. bodies found. She said that she did, but they died from eating grass mushrooms when they were out camping, Deputy Headley said. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty ImagesRebekah Becky Heath, the researcher and libararian who obsessively worked to discover Rasmussens victims identities. Vanner died in prison in December 2010 of natural causes. Authorities were able to link him then, using his fingerprints, to the earlier child abandonment case. [10], Throughout the early 1980s, Rasmussen remained in possession of Beaudin's daughter, whom he called Lisa, and posed as her father. Timelines come together. His wife left him between 1973 and 1974 and his family last saw him around Christmas 1974. The first barrel was discovered in 1985, the second in 2000. There were little fingerprint cards, with these little tiny little hands, and had their little footprints on the back of them and little tiny fingerprints, Gruenheid said. Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin explained the discovery at a press conference on June 6. But 15years later, a similar barrel was discovered in the same area, this time containing the remainsof two girls. The Allenstown Four. After months of trial and error, Rae-Venter was able to use this method to identify the victims. The second child found in the second barrel has not yet been identified although DNA evidence has confirmed thatRasmussen wasthe parent of this unknown victim and that she was not biologically related to Honeychurch or her daughters. For any tips concerning Terry Rasmussen and any unknown victims, please contact please contact Deputy Peter Headley with San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department at pheadley@sbcsd.org or the New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit (603)223-3648, ColdCaseUnit@dos.nh.gov, 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. It wasnt Rasmussens first time in prison, however hed just been using a different name. "So our suspect started in 1984 as 'Curtis Kimball.' Then we had 'Gordon Jenson.' [6] The divorce was finalized in 1978. [7] Based on the date they disappeared, available documents and Rasmussen's activities, the victims most likely died between 1978 and 1981. Authorities fear both Beaudin and the unidentified mother of the middle child are other possible victims of Rasmussen. Updates in the case of the Bear Brook Murders. Oxygen Insider is your all-access pass to never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Esther Elliott, eight, (left) dressed as . In the show's second season, host Jason Moon returns with a new, even more complex story: In 1989, New Hampshire police charged three men in the murder of a pregnant woman named Sharon Johnson. The veteran detective on the case develops a theory involving her husband and a teenager. A search leads authorities to his basement. But what if that story was based on a lie? Murders", "N.H. missing woman case linked to bodies found in steel drums in state park", "AG: NH cold cases linked to California murder", National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, "Video of police interview with 'Bob Evans' released; authorities hope for clues about killer", "Authorities reveal actual identity of killer known as 'Bob Evans', "True ID of 'Chameleon' Killer Revealed Terry Peder Rasmussen", "New Hampshire's Most Infamous Cold Case Leads to Unrelated 1985 Tenn. At least ten possible identities were ruled out. But only 19-year-old Jason Carroll was convicted. Apparently, Honeychurch had been with Rasmussen the last time she was seen. In 2003, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department opened a case to find Lisa's biological family. [4], In November 1985, the bodies of Honeychurch and Vaughn were found in a barrel in Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. [10], Rasmussen resurfaced in December 1999 under the pseudonym Larry Vanner when California-based chemist Eunsoon Jun introduced him to her family.
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